Facelift and neck lift surgeries are the most commonly performed anti-aging procedures. While facelift surgery treats skin laxity and drooping of the lower face, a neck lift creates a smoother, more refined neck and chin. Depending on your goals, appearance, and overall health, a combination procedure may be right for you.

Combining these procedures won’t halt the aging process, but it will give you longer-lasting results and a smoother, more youthful appearance. As a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Karolak has performed thousands of facial procedures, including over 3,000 facelifts.. He utilizes his unique skill and artistry to achieve a wholly rejuvenated appearance that doesn’t look “overdone.”

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*Individuals Results May Vary

What Does a Neck Lift Address?

A neck lift is a surgery designed to produce a tighter, more defined neckline. It removes excess saggy skin and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and neck bands (the vertical “cords” that extend from underneath the chin down to the tips of the collar bones in the middle of the neck). This surgery is an ideal solution for loose neck tissue, also known as “turkey neck.”

What Does a Facelift Address?

Facelift surgery will address sagging facial muscles, the facial volume that has migrated, and excess skin. Anyone who decides to undergo a facelift must understand that the goal is to look like a better version of yourself at your current stage of aging. 

A natural looking facelift requires supporting and repositioning the underlying muscles to a youthful position.  This allows excess skin to shift and be removed without tension. Skin should not be pulled. This helps avoid the pulled, operated-on look that is so common today after Traditional Facelifts and more aggressive facelifts. 

Why Combine Procedures?

The effects of aging can be noticed in multiple areas of our face at once. Blending the lower face into the neck is crucial for creating a more natural facial contour.

Harmonious and Elegant Appearance

Occasionally the neck can be addressed alone. In most cases, however, it is optimal to perform these surgeries together to avoid an unnatural look. Choosing an experienced surgeon who focuses only on facial rejuvenation, like Dr. Karolak, is key to achieving harmony and subtlety in your results.

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Minimize Healing Time

Additionally, combining these procedures reduces your recovery time. Recovery for either of these procedures can take 2-3 weeks, depending on your overall health. Having them completed together effectively cuts the recovery period in half. Most patients are able to return to work within two weeks.

Longer-Lasting Outcomes

Most agree that the results of a combined facelift and neck lift surgery can last 8-15 years. If you get serious about sun protection, use the correct skin care products, and take advantage of cosmetic treatments, you can experience prolonged results.

Reduce Risks and Costs

Dr. Karolak uses a local anesthetic for all facial procedures, which facilitates an easier initial recovery. Patients are protected from adverse reactions to general anesthesia and avoid the associated foggy “comedown” effects.

How Do I Know If A Neck Lift & Facelift Are Right For Me?

The best way to answer your question is during a consultation with Dr. Karolak. He is committed to providing high-quality patient care and the most natural-looking results. He will first discuss your expectations, concerns, and aesthetic goals before explaining the limitations and outcomes associated with each procedure. After determining whether a combination procedure is right for you, Dr. Karolak will create your customized treatment and recovery plan.

“First of all I want to address all of the amazing ladies in Dr Karolaks office
Allie, Doreen, Chris, Paola, Sarah and most importantly Dr Karolak which goes without being said. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. I am 52 years old and hated my neck and jowls that were making me look much older than I felt. My experience throughout this entire process with my face and neck lift was impeccable from start to finish. Every single one of that staff and doctor K made me feel special and beautiful both before and after the procedure. I am so pleased with my results and it just keeps getting better everyday and I am not quite two weeks out yet. Never once was I nervous or unsure and I knew I was in the best hands possible. This was one of the best decisions I ever made other than marrying my amazing and supportive husband and having children who also supported me throughout this process. Thanks to Dr Karolak I am no longer self conscious of my neck profile and now instead want to show it off. I look in the mirror and I am so amazed and pleased with how much younger I look. The choice I made to pick Dr Karolak was the absolute right one. This man is honest, kind, a person of integrity and so genuine in character. He is a true artist with an an eye and hands that performed perfection for me. I hope my experience will help others that may be undecided to make the decision to move forward with the desire to look and feel like the best version of themselves like I did. I can’t stop looking at myself. My suggestion to anyone wanting to pursue a face and neck lift would most importantly would be to do your research on what is involved in the preparation and recovery and to follow the doctors directions for before and after the procedure In Order to achieve the best results. My next bit of advice would be to choose Dr Karolak. His natural results are a testament of his expertise in the field of facial plastic surgery . His patients all love him because he is precise and truly cares about you as an individual and what will be most flattering and natural for you as his patient . If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me via message. I would be glad to answer anything you desire. That is how I learned about Dr Karolak and what to expect in this process. In closing, I just want to say that
all of Dr karolaks patients love him and his staff” *

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*Individual results may vary