Do You Shy Away From Candid Photos Or Social Situations Due To Visible Signs Of Aging?

Fat Transfer – Restore Facial Volume Naturally

Volume loss is one of the main culprits of facial aging. As we get older, age-related volume loss can occur leaving us with hollow eyes, flat cheeks, and deep nasal folds. The unwanted condition also means less light reflection resulting in more shadowing which can be difficult to conceal even with makeup. Dr. Karolak uses advanced surgical methods to restore and rejuvenate the youthful contours of your past with as little downtime as possible.

How Does Fat Transfer Work?

Dr. Karolak uses your own fat, which is rich in stem cells and growth factors, as a ‘Natural Filler’. His technique focuses on respectfully replacing volume loss and restoring facial support without over-filling. Harvesting different thicknesses of fat in a specialized layering technique helps Dr. Karolak produce natural-looking results.

Depending on your individual needs and concerns Dr. Karolak may utilize one or more of the following types of autologous fat (from your own body).

  • Macrofat: Primarily used for restoring support under the facial muscle as well as replace volume loss in order to have the face reflect light in a more complementary way and decrease shadows on the face.
  • Microfat: This type of fat is placed at precise depths to fill in facial folds and deep-set hollows.
  • Nanofat: These are fat cells that have been filtered to release growth factors and preserve stem cells. This is used mainly to help restore skin quality, treat fine lines, as well as subtle volume in areas of thin skin.

The benefits of Fat Transfer by Dr. Karolak include natural-looking, longer-lasting results that also compliment many of the other rejuvenation procedures he performs.

Am I a Good Candidate
 For Fat Transfer?

You may want to consider a fat transfer procedure if you’d like to restore facial volume without more invasive treatment options. Fat transfer procedures can be beneficial for men and women that aren’t seeing the results they want with dermal fillers alone. Patients should have pinchable fat in the donor site (hips, thighs, abdomen, or flanks) to be eligible for fat transfer procedures.

What Results Will I See?*

Fat transfer procedures produce results that have both a natural look and feel. Although you’ll be able to see improvement in 2-4 weeks, the final outcome may not be noticeable until 12 months post-treatment. Once injected, fat cells that have been transferred to the treatment area begin to take on the roles of surrounding tissue. Results from fat transfer procedures are long-lasting. Additional treatments are safe and effective as the natural aging process continues.

Dr. Karolak truly knows faces!! He is a top surgeon and my whole experience with him and his staff was so easy! Would highly recommend this Dr. for any facial procedure. He is constantly in touch with you after the surgery and gives you his cell number. What more can I say? Love him.*

– Review

This procedure may not be suitable for every patient. All patients must be evaluated by a physician as to the appropriateness of performing the procedure.

The above testimonial represents the individual's response and reaction to the procedure; however, no medical procedure is risk-free. Associated potential risks and complications should be discussed with the physician rendering this procedure.

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What is the Recovery Like?*

Fat transfer is typically a low-risk procedure with minimal downtime. You can expect swelling at the treatment site to be at its worst for the first 3-5 days. A compression garment can be worn to facilitate a speedy recovery during this time. Most patients feel comfortable returning to work and other daily activities within 7-10 days after fat transfer procedures. Dr. Karolak will customize a post-surgical treatment plan based on your individual needs and lifestyle.

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