Are You Bothered by Your Facial Appearance or Profile in Candid Photos Because of Sagging Jowls?

Non-Surgical Jawline Definition & Contouring

One of the most common signs of aging in the face is loss of definition to the jawline and jowling. The bothersome condition can have a negative impact on our facial appearance from nearly every angle. Jowls aren’t easily treated on their own and can significantly worsen with time, but there is hope! If you’re ready to restore more youthful facial contours, Karolak Facial Plastic Surgery is here to help.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Jowls?

When it comes to non-surgical jawline contouring, one of our go-to treatment options is often hyaluronic fillers. Hyaluronic fillers can be a good option for patients that would like a more sculpted profile without going under the knife. Karolak Facial Plastic Surgery offers a variety of unique HA-based fillers that can be customized to fit your short and long-term contouring goals.

More severe sagging jowls can be addressed with a surgical facelift procedure. Dr. Karolak will speak with you about all of your options in-depth at the time of your initial consultation. Together you can determine the best treatment based on your individual concerns.

What Results Will I See?*

Results from jawline contouring procedures can vary from patient to patient. In most cases, you’ll be able to see some immediate improvement after treatment with more visible results in several days. Every injectable offers different projected results. Dr. Karolak will speak with you about what results you can expect from your filler during your in-person consultation. Touch-up procedures are safe and effective as needed.

Dr. Karolak performs all injectable procedures himself in-office utilizing his skills as a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. By doing so, he’s able to provide patients with dramatic, yet natural-looking results according to their unique facial anatomy with minimal pain, side effects, or downtime.

Dr. Karolak is an artist, there is no doubt. It is clear that he holds himself to a very high standard of practice and results. Aside from these important qualities, he is also compassionate, warm, and exceedingly supportive before, during, and after your procedure.

I will never hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Just wonderful.*

– review

This procedure may not be suitable for every patient. All patients must be evaluated by a physician as to the appropriateness of performing the procedure.

The above testimonial represents the individual's response and reaction to the procedure; however, no medical procedure is risk-free. Associated potential risks and complications should be discussed with the physician rendering this procedure.

Consultations Are Available Now

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Is There Any Downtime?

Jawline contouring with injectable fillers doesn’t require any downtime. While you may be asked to avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area for several hours, you can go about your normal day-to-day routine without restrictions. Side effects are typically mild and subside on their own within several hours to several days but can include slight swelling, redness, bruising, or tenderness.

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