A facelift is an anti-aging surgical procedure designed to address concerns on the mid to lower face and neck. In most cases, a facelift procedure will not have a restorative effect on the upper face or eyes. While an eyelid lift isn’t generally part of a facelift, many men and women opt for combination procedures that allow for total facial rejuvenation.

At Karolak Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Karolak takes the time to understand your goals and customizes each treatment accordingly. He’s a board-certified facial plastic surgeon that offers dramatic, yet natural-looking results based on your unique facial anatomy and aging pattern.

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Should You Combine an Eyelid Lift with Your Facelift?

That depends. Not every patient ages in the same way. Genetics, lifestyle habits, sun damage, and environmental factors can all play a role in which areas will make us look prematurely older. Each procedure performed at Karolak Facial Plastic Surgeon is done under local anesthetic for a comfortable procedure without the risk of general anesthesia.

The best way to determine what’s right for you is through an in-person consultation with a skilled surgeon. However, there are some factors that may help you jump-start the decision-making process. Let’s take a closer look at each procedure.


A facelift is a highly custom procedure that allows you to restore your natural beauty. Through his specialized surgical techniques, Dr. Karolak works to meticulously tighten underlying muscles, readjust fat pads, and address skin laxity. This procedure may be for you if you’re bothered by lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose, have unwanted excess causing jowls, or have visibly sunken cheeks.

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Upper Eyelid Lift

An upper eyelid lift is best suited for patients that moderate to severe drooping of the upper lid. It’s a relatively straightforward procedure that can take years off your facial appearance. This procedure can easily be done alone or in conjunction with various other anti-aging treatments. Most patients are able to see lifelong results from upper eyelid surgery.

Lower Eyelid Lift

You might be a good fit for a lower eyelid lift if you’ve noticed the emergence of bags below the eyes. That’s because as we age, our fat pads tend to bulge leaving us with a puffy appearance that quickly ages us. Lower eyelid surgery reduces these fat pads, tightens the underlying muscles, and removes any excess skin causing wrinkles and creping below the eye area. This procedure is often done with an upper lift or alongside a facelift.

Why Combine an Eyelid Lift with a Facelift?

There are many reasons you might want to combine multiple procedures into one. Aside from providing enhanced complementary results, combination procedures are also more cost-effective and have a lesser overall downtime. Dr. Karolak will discuss all of your anti-aging options more in-depth at the time of your initial consultation.

“I got tired of viewing my jowls and loose neck. I asked my plastic surgeon what options were available. He recommended the lower face and neck lift. I had so much confidence in my surgeon since he was amazing with fillers. He is so kind and a true artist with his work. I look like a refreshed version of myself. I wasn’t one bit nervous. He explained the entire procedure to me. He is the best and I would highly recommend him.”


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*Individual results may vary