Case 2375

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Case Details

  • Female


Facelift, Revision Neck Lift, CO2 Laser, PRP, Pre and Post-Procedure Skin Care

This patient came to see me to find out what I could do to help her achieve a more refreshed, youthful look. She had a previous Mini Lift ( Mini Facelift ) and Neck Lift procedure by another surgeon approximately 5 years prior to seeing me. What I love most about this case is how it highlights the benefits of combining the right treatments to help with different parts of the aging process. The procedures that I performed included:

1. a very conservative neck liposculpting and excision of old scar tissue from under the chin to smooth out and repair the irregularities that occurred after her previous procedure by another surgeon.

2. my Advanced Multilayer SMAS Facelift technique to lift her cheeks, tighten her jawline, remove her old scars and excess skin in her face/neck

3. CO2 laser skin resurfacing and platelet rich plasma ( PRP ) to tighten and improve her skin quality

4. Customized Pre and Post-procedure Skin Care

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