If you’ve experienced severe weight loss, have a hereditary defect of the neck, or simply want to treat the normal signs of aging cosmetically, a neck lift might be worth exploring. A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that produces a tighter, more defined neckline. For a more comprehensive rejuvenation, you can combine the procedure with a lower facelift or liposculpting and recover simultaneously.

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Types of Neck Lift Surgeries

There are 3 main types of neck lifts performed at Karolak Facial Plastic Surgeon:

  • Platysmaplasty (Neck Tuck, Mini-Neck Lift) – addresses the bands in the neck and early looseness under the chin
  • Platysmaplasty and Lateral Neck Lift – combines the results of a platysmaplasty with more neck muscle tightening as well as removal of excess neck skin
  • Platysmaplasty and Lower Rhytidectomy (Lower Facelift) – focuses on tightening the loose muscle at the jawline and neck, removing excess skin, and reducing neck banding; this is the most common neck lift performed, especially when the lower part of the face is significantly contributing to looseness in the neck

Dr. Karolak, a Board Certified Facial Surgeon, has the experience and artistry to give you the natural-looking results you’ll love. During the one to three hour procedure, Dr. Karolak works meticulously to restore your unique neck structure.

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What Goes Into the Cost of My Neck Lift?

Procedure costs depend greatly on the type of neck lift you seek and your overall goal for the surgery. Typical costs associated with the procedure are:

  • Local vs General Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments and Supplies
  • Recovery room
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Surgeon’s fee

It is crucial to seek consultations for a better understanding of fees. However, costs might not be the best indication of a doctor’s skill.

Surgeon’s Fees

Expertise and safety come with a price. Dr. Karolak is a Board Certified Facial Surgeon whose safety record and patients are a testament to his surgical artistic skill. He has safely helped countless patients appear younger, and more rested. Since each patient’s face is unique, Dr. Karolak encourages scheduling a consultation to determine what procedure is right for you.

Anesthesia & Facility Costs

Hospital and surgical facility costs typically include the operating room and a board-certified anesthesiologist if the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The more extensive the procedure, the longer it will take to complete, which will increase these costs as they are typically on a per hour basis. The use of local anesthesia avoids the risks associated with general anesthesia as well as the costs associated with the need for an anesthesiologist.

Pre & Post-Surgical Costs

Patients may be asked to get preoperative lab testing or medical evaluation completed prior to undergoing the procedure. Prior to surgery, medications are often prescribed and follow-up visits are scheduled.

Pre and Post-procedure supplies as well as post-operative garments, such as compression garments, may often add an additional cost. Dr. Karolak provides the pre and post-procedure supplies (excluding prescriptions and lab work) as well as post-operative compression garments for his patients at no additional cost.

Neck Lift Procedures in New Jersey

Dr. Karolak will give you an upfront price evaluation at the time of your consultation that will be customized for your particular needs. Karolak Facial Plastic Surgeon offers several short and long-term financing options for patients seeking to better themselves through cosmetic surgery.

Yes it was worth it! I am 61 year old female who works real hard on keeping her body in great shape inside and out, but the one thing that was giving my age away was my wrinkled neck which was hard to hide. It is only two weeks in and I am quite pleased with the results already, everything looks smoother and I believe will even look better in a couple of months when all things settle even further.

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*Individual Results may vary.