There are a variety of reasons facial volume loss may arise. The most common ones, however, are aging, significant weight loss, and low body fat. If you’re facing volume loss, you may look older than you really are and notice a gaunt appearance.

Fortunately, there is a solution known as fat transfer. Essentially, a fat transfer is designed to replace volume loss through the use of your own tissue or fat. Dr. Karolak can harvest your fat under sterile conditions, process it, and inject it to boost your facial volume. So how long does a fat transfer last? Keep reading to find out.

*Individuals Results May Vary

What to Expect From a Fat Transfer

Once Dr. Karolak administers local anesthesia for numbing, he’ll insert a special instrument called a cannula through your skin. This will gently suction out the fat from a part of your body such as the abdomen or love handles. 

Then, Dr. Karolak will sort and purify the fat and prepare it for fat transfer. Once it’s ready, he’ll inject the fat below your facial skin so that it settles smoothly and allows you to achieve the ideal volume replacement. 

While you will likely face redness and swelling after your procedure, your downtime period will likely be relatively short (seven to 10 days). In about one to two weeks, the majority of your recovery should be completed.

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Fat Transfer Offers Permanent Results

After fat transfer, you’ll enjoy restored facial volume that leads to a more youthful appearance. You may also find that your skin looks and feels healthier and allows you to feel more confident in your own skin.

Since fat transfer allows cells to thrive in a new environment, its results are all-natural and permanent. However, since weight fluctuations lead to fat cells that expand or shrink, it’s essential that you maintain a healthy weight before and after your procedure. This will allow you to preserve your results for as long as possible.

Good Candidates for Fat Transfer

If you’d like to restore facial volume to your face and achieve more youthful cheeks and/or decreased folds, fat transfer may be a great option. Dr. Karolak will likely recommend this procedure if you have areas on your body with excess fat, are bothered by a thinning facial contour from facial volume loss, do not smoke, and are in reasonably good health.

“I got tired of viewing my jowls and loose neck. I asked my plastic surgeon what options were available. He recommended the lower face and neck lift. I had so much confidence in my surgeon since he was amazing with fillers. He is so kind and a true artist with his work. I look like a refreshed version of myself. I wasn’t one bit nervous. He explained the entire procedure to me. He is the best and I would highly recommend him.”


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*Individual results may vary